Vehiclecare delivers powerful & fastest auto claims process & analysis capabilities built on a highly accurate AI decision engine.

With Vehiclecare, you can provide all Insured's car damage claims with the optimal repair solution and have full control during the process. As a result, we have lower costs, fewer cash payouts and a much more efficient workflow for everyone involved.”.

Claims Cycle time improvement 40%
Reduce Repairing Cost 30%
Enhance Customer Satisfaction4.5/5

For Insurers/Brokers Vehiclecare Delivers:

Increase customer satisfaction

Quick repair allocation with help our advance technology.

Lowering Repair cost

Insightful claims management

For policyholders vehiclecare delivers:

Amazing customer experiences

Easy claim submission

A transparent claim review process

Fast, fair settlement of valid straightforward claims

What We Provide

Insightful claim management

As soon as a claim submitted, Vehiclecare's intelligent & internal damage expert pre-assess the damage and check if the claim contains all the information needed for a body repair shop to create a quote. Next,Insurer authorized the claim and use vehiclecare's plateform to easily indentify which bodyshop repair is best capable for that damage.

Easy data integration

Vehiclecare’s end-to-end solution is fully customisable to meet the needs of our insurance partners and was specifically tailored to partenr’s requirements. Our API (Application Programming Interface) easily integrates with partner’s existing process. In layman’s terms, this means that Vehiclecare’s systems can communicate accurately with partner’s existing systems so that claims are handled while safeguarding privacy & security.

Quick repair allocation

With the help of our advanced technology, almost every car damage can be assessed fully digitally. Time-consuming physical inspections and detailed cost calculations are no longer always necessary, resulting in significantly shorter claim cycle times and lower costs. The repair is sent to Vehiclecare’s network of preferred repairers, and in case the existing network in the area is busy, the company can request a new body repair shop that meets all the required criteria and allocate the repair in just a few clicks.

Optimizing cycle times

Now that quotes are no longer outsourced, and unnecessary manual activities are eliminated from the process, cycle times have improved drastically. Especially for TPL claims where repair management was previously non-existent, and it fully relied on cash payouts. Since working with Vehiclecare, claims are settled a lot faster, and total cycle times have reduced by 40%.

Lowering cost

Due to the frictionless and coherent repair journey, customers and TPL now often opt to repair their damage instead of requesting a cash payout. This has led to a significant reduction in actual claim payouts. In addition, because the optimal repair solution is identified, OMI has been able to reduce actual repair costs by 30%.

Unlock real-time insight

Gain unique insight into the repair process and real-time control on network performance.

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